[legacy] Cancel & Refund

To cancel and refund instantly your AdTranquility subscription via form:

Please enter the email used to purchase your subscription.

  • If you’re unsure which email you used, please search your inbox(es) for AdTranquility (keyword).
  • The email you used to subscribe to our services will return results based on this keyword.

Once you submit the correct email and click cancel and refundall subscriptions associated with your email will be instantly cancelled and refunded as per our Refund policy.

Refunds can take between 10-15 days to reach your bank account. This timeframe is determined by your bank and not in our control.

If 10-15 days passed and your refund hasn’t reached your bank account, please contact your bank.

Please contact us at  if you have any further concerns about your AdTranquility subscription(s).